September 25, 2020

How Strict Is Amtrak Pet Policy?

Are you looking to travel with your pet and wondering what restrictions you may face? In this article, we take a look at how strict Amtrak pet Policy is.

Are you looking to travel with your pet and wondering what restrictions you may face? In this article, we take a look at how strict Amtrak pet Policy is. The way that you travel with your pet and the restrictions that you may face. We also look at several factors including the type of pet that you have. The size, and also how well you can keep your pet in line as you travel. Let’s take a look at some of the requirements from Amtrak, for you to travel with your pet.

What is the maximum weight?

If you want to travel with your pet with no hassles, you will need to adhere to certain rules and regulations from Amtrak. the maximum size of your pet should be 20 pounds, this is including the weight of the carrier.

How do I make reservations?

Each train will only take up to 5 pets. So if you know that you want to be traveling with your pet, it’s best to make a reservation in advance. Also, you can only take one pet. Amtrak’s pet policy is strict on only allowing one pet per passenger. You will only be able to take your pet in coach class and Acela business class, you will not be able to make a booking in any other cars or to take him or her in the foodservice car.

Amtrak is also very strict on the amount of time you are allowed to have your pet on the train. It will have to be a maximum of seven hours. This should include any transfer time between trains if any. Another important fact you need to know when making reservations is that pets will not be allowed on multi-ride tickets, Thruway Connection Services, or with unaccompanied minors.

What happens if there are any disruptions along the way?

If there is a disruption and passengers have to be put up in a hotel, when you have a pet with you, it can be a cause for concern. Not all hotels will accommodate pets. Amtrak does not guarantee that they will find you and your pet a hotel. This is a risk that you will take. If you need to be put somewhere because of an unforeseen circumstance, you may have to find your pet-friendly hotel.

Does Amtrak have an approved pet carrier list?

Amtrak’s policy on how you carry your pet on the train is guided. This is one of how they keep a handle on things. The carrier that you use for your pet, needs to have proper ventilation, and be waterproof so that nothing leaks in the train. Whilst your pets favorite carrier may be a huge pineapple house, you can’t take any sized carrier on the train. It needs to be 19inches long by 14inches wide and 10.5inches high, maximum.

Amtrak also seeks to make sure that your pet carrier is comfortable for your pet. If your pet is comfortable, able to stand, or sit comfortably, he or she will be less irritable and will not frustrate other passengers. Your pet is not counted as a passenger, but rather as one piece of carry on luggage.

What are the guidelines concerning pets whilst I’m on the train?

Knowing the guidelines to follow when getting onto an Amtrak train, is important so that you are not left stranded. You will have to sign a pet indemnification form and also make sure that your pet has all the necessary paperwork and is in good health. Amtrak also requires that you check-in at most, 30 minutes before boarding.

Once on the train, you need to ensure that your pet stays in the carrier at all times. When you’ve found your seat, the pet carrier needs to be placed under the seat that you are sitting on. Amtrak is also very strict on how pets travel. You can not send a pet on the train by itself, it needs to be accompanied by a person at all times. You’ll be pleased to know that all service animals are always welcome on Amtrak trains and are not considered pets.